What to pay attention to when using two-color mold injection processing


For some plastic products often seen in life and work, […]

For some plastic products often seen in life and work, it is likely that they are not a single color, but a combination of different colors. At present, the most common is the combination of two colors. Products made of different materials are also processed by injection molds for these products. However, in this case, traditional molds cannot be used, but two-color molds are required. In the process of two-color mold injection processing, What should we pay attention to? This article will introduce you in detail, let's take a look!
First, check cleanliness
If some dirt or impurities appear on the inner surface of the mold during the injection molding process using the two-color mold, in this case, if various melts are directly injected, then these impurities and dirt are likely to be caused at this time. Incorporating into the material, resulting in a certain spot on the surface of the final product, and may even leave some bad features of potholes, which will seriously affect the quality of the product, so every time you use two-color Before the injection molding process of the mold, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive inspection of his inner surface. If there are impurities or residual plastic, it must be cleaned in time. In order to be more thoroughly cleaned, it is best to remove the adhesive.
Second, do a good job of lubrication
I believe many people should know that in the process of using various molds for processing and manufacturing, there will be some friction on the molds, so many molds will obviously wear out after using for a period of time, so there is no The method is to produce again. At the same time, if the friction is relatively large, you will need to spend more energy and time when removing the product. This is also extremely unfavorable to production. Therefore, in the process of using two-color mold injection molding It is necessary to do a good job of lubrication and reduce friction, so that it can effectively avoid wear and tear, and at the same time can effectively extend its service life. In the process, it can also improve production efficiency.
Third, maintenance and upkeep
Although various molds are not particularly complicated, they also need to be maintained during the use process, especially this two-color mold. This mold is more complicated than ordinary molds. However, if the process is in use, If it is not maintained in it, it may also cause its service life to be greatly shortened. Therefore, in the process of injection molding using two-color molds, you also need to comprehensively maintain and maintain it, and the maintenance and maintenance work is also divided. The important point is that the most important thing is the maintenance of the cooling water channel. This place must not be blocked or have various problems such as sundries. At the same time, it needs to be disassembled and maintained.
If you need to use two-color mold for injection molding processing, you must pay attention to the above problems. If you can do this, then you can generally achieve a long service life in the end, and when using these tools, you can also Effectively improve production efficiency. Of course, in order to allow you to create greater value for you when you use it, you also need to find a reliable company to order high-quality molds.