What is the status of the development of the mold automotive industry


If you want to talk about the mold automotive industry, […]

If you want to talk about the mold automotive industry, I believe most people are still very concerned about this industry, because this industry was definitely a hot industry as early as 20 years ago, and this industry is definitely a high-tech industry. In recent years, with the rise of the Internet and real estate and service industries, China ’s manufacturing industry has also been hit by an unprecedented impact. More and more young people choose to stay away from the manufacturing industry. In the process of development, the entire industry will also lead the development of existing molds. This industry is indeed vibrant.


What is the status of the development of the mold automotive industry


The application range of plastics in the global automotive field is showing a sharp increase. In this case, the overall mold car performance has accounted for 10% to 15% of the total mass of the car. Because of its own pursuit of lightweight design for automobiles, plastics are in The amount of usage in the automotive field will definitely increase. In today's social environment, especially abroad, it is like a car OEM in Europe, America or Germany, like Mercedes-Benz or Renault. In fact, all are in production. The use of plastic body, these cars in the actual process of plastic use, the use of plastic will fully measure the level of the entire car, and plastic and hardware materials occupy a relatively large proportion in the process of car use, so also Can promote the rapid development of the entire automotive mold.


Die car will promote the rapid development of the mold industry


The prosperity and development of mold cars will quickly promote the rapid development of the entire mold industry. Among them, the rapid development of the automotive industry can also promote the rapid development of parts and auto mold companies, especially in many aspects will drive the machine tool and tool industry. rapid development. In this way, it can also effectively promote the rapid development of the raw material industry. In the development of a new car, more than 20,000 auto parts may be used, including sheet metal parts, stamping parts, plastic parts and electronic components. In the process of R & D and manufacturing of parts, a large number of factories and industries must be coordinated. In the later sales and maintenance, a large number of 4s stores and various industries must collaborate effectively.


At the same time as the actual industry is actually developed, these different parts will basically have different processing methods, but from the perspective of the rapid development of the entire automotive mold industry, it will certainly promote the development of the mold industry, even There will be more than a few thousand auto parts manufacturers near China's major automobile manufacturers, especially in this part of China's coastal areas. The industry is very developed, and there are more than 30,000 mold companies supporting them, including professional Mould enterprise.


What are the characteristics of mold automotive processing


During the machining process of Xubang Mould Automobile, the whole project is widely used. Generally speaking, it has certain technical preparation at the same time of development, and at the same time, it can effectively do various debugging work in production preparation and mold processing. In addition, in terms of production preparation and processing technology, there are various CNC design and production plans. It is first to arrange drawing and forming molds for processing, and then to arrange flanging type molds for processing. It can do the processing of related molds, and finally the blanking processing. Only in this way can balanced production be achieved.