What details should pay attention to when using the plug mold


People's lives are now inseparable from electricity, an […]

People's lives are now inseparable from electricity, and for all kinds of electrical appliances, it must be connected to the power supply during use, of course, except for those electrical appliances that have reserve power, When you connect the power supply, you will find that most of the power supply plugs should be made with various molds, because for many plugs, the shape and size are exactly the same, so here In this case, it is necessary to use a special plug mold for production, but when using this mold, there are many details to pay attention to, and this article will tell you what are the precautions in it?


First, avoid damage to the cooling channel


When using various injection molds for production, generally the cooling water system is required to cool the melt inside, and only in this way can the rapid production be completed, thereby improving the overall production efficiency. However, when using power plug molds to produce various plugs, if there is a problem with these cooling water systems, then it is likely that the efficiency will be greatly reduced during production. It is necessary to find a way to maintain the cooling water system. For example, when the mold is not needed, the water in it should be cleaned by compressed air. Only in this way can the internal corrosion be avoided and the temperature can be effectively avoided. A situation where water plumbing is caused by a sudden drop.


Second, if there is a failure, it should be immediately stopped and checked.


This is a problem that must be noticed. Although some people may encounter some minor faults when using some large machinery, in order to ensure that a certain batch of tasks can be completed on time, they generally do not stop to check. However, this is likely to cause serious damage to the mechanical equipment, and may even cause the failure to further expand. In fact, this situation may also occur for plug molds, so if you find that there is an intention or It is various abnormal situations. At this time, the machine must be shut down for inspection immediately, and the technicians or maintenance personnel must be required to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the molds. In order to avoid emergencies, regular arrangements must be made at this time. Maintenance personnel carry out a round inspection of all the molds.


Third, avoid corrosion


For a variety of metal materials, its stability is not absolutely high, but in a relatively high position, so even in the process of producing plug molds, those with very high corrosion resistance are used. Outstanding metal material, and some special processes are also used on the surface. However, it still cannot completely avoid corrosion or rust. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to this problem during the use, such as the inner surface of the mold. It is best to use anti-rust oil, and more importantly, it is best to close the mold every time you do not need to use the mold. Only in this way can the air on the inner surface be effectively prevented from being corroded.


These are some of the issues that need attention during the process of using the plug mold. After you understand the above, you should be able to know what you should pay attention to when using the mold. Of course, pollution can extend the life of the mold more effectively. At this time you should also choose high-quality molds provided by some large manufacturers such as Cell Company.