What are the structural components of automotive injection molds


Automobile injection molds have basically become the mo […]

Automobile injection molds have basically become the most common product in our real life. This kind of product will bring us a better guarantee of use during these actual uses. At present, most people want to know What is the structure of the injection mold of Xubang Automobile? In fact, when we choose this product, we must take into account different situations to be more careful, because the structure of different products will change more or less.


Molded parts


You can definitely see molded parts in automotive injection molds. These molded parts will have a variety of different materials, like different material shapes or different material structures and material sizes. Generally speaking, these molded parts There may be a lot of different parts, for example, they are usually composed of various products, and there are many concave and convex products and thread-shaped products, and some products are all embedded in it.


Pouring system


In these actual processing processes, automobile injection molds have their own pouring systems. This system can completely lead molten plastic from the nozzle of the injection machine to the outer channel. Generally speaking, there are mainstream channels and shunts. Channel for comprehensive pouring, and they can take various places to do a comprehensive pouring experience.


Guide parts


In the process of full-scale processing of automobile injection molds, in order to ensure that the original coating and the coating can be accurately aligned with each wire component when it is closed, it plays a decisive guiding role. They are themselves composed of various guide posts and The guide sleeve is composed of, in general, some automotive injection molds, and the relevant guide parts may be provided on the top plate, which can ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the stripper to the greatest extent.


Demoulding mechanism


In the process of comprehensive setting of automobile injection molds, there are relatively many types of device structures that can effectively achieve the structure of all parts. The most commonly used will be a variety of different structures. Generally speaking, these different copper film structures will all There are different kinds of jacking plates, as well as some roof plates or related guide sleeves and other product materials.

Core pulling mechanism


During the processing of automotive injection molds, this core pulling mechanism will be ejected at the same time as those parts with side openings or concave-convex types. Generally speaking, related tests must be performed first. And they can separate the slider with this lateral blood-drawing mechanism, basically it can be demolded smoothly in this case.

Constant temperature control system


During the actual work of automobile injection molds, because they have to meet different work requirements in various places, generally speaking, they will have various adjustment systems to support the adjustment system in order to meet the injection molding process requirements while working. , Some are the adjustment of cooling water, some are the adjustment of hot water, and some are the adjustment of the electric heating system. In short, these adjustment systems can usually play a good role in the temperature regulation of the mold, and they can make changes to various devices. Good adjustment.


There are relatively many systems and parts for automobile injection molds. When processing, be sure to ask a professional master to process them. This can ensure the normal use of the entire professional equipment.