What are the standards and conditions for the production of molds


With the rapid development of the times, China ’s indus […]

With the rapid development of the times, China ’s industrial level has become higher and higher. Under this circumstance, people ’s lives have undergone drastic changes, and this mainly depends on the development of China ’s industrial technology and processes. In the production of many products, mass production can be carried out through molds, but in order to ensure the quality of those products, at this time there are more stringent requirements for all aspects of the production of molds, so when producing such molds, it is necessary to meet What standards and conditions? Let me tell you the detailed answer below!
First, stiffness and hardness
Maybe some people think that when using various molds to produce plastic products, because the hardness and height of plastic products are not particularly large, the more important thing is that during the production process, it is not necessary to squeeze with too much force, so in the production In the process of the mold, there is no need to have very high requirements for steel degree and hardness. This will only increase costs in vain, but will not bring any useful value to the production. But this idea is not correct, because in the process of using these molds, various problems such as bumps or extrusions will inevitably occur. If the stiffness and hardness are not up to standard, it will seriously affect its service life at this time. , It is likely to cause obvious fracture problems during use, so there is no way to continue using it.
Second, the smoothness of the surface
If you have used molds to produce various products, you should know that most of these products have very smooth surfaces, because this kind of product looks more neat and looks higher quality. Therefore, in the process of producing molds, in order to ensure that these molds can make their surfaces smoother when producing these products, the mold itself must have a certain degree of smoothness, so that the surface of the manufactured products can be effectively avoided. Potholes or various problems, and more importantly, only when its surface becomes smoother, can it be easier to remove the product at this time, which can effectively improve production efficiency.
Third, there must be strong abrasion resistance
Some people think that when using molds to produce various products, there is generally no need to undergo severe friction, so the friction requirements for molds are not particularly strict, but in fact, there will still be some friction during the production process, after all This type of mold is not a one-time product and tool. It is used many times a day. In this case, as long as a small amount of friction is generated each time, the effect will be accumulated over time. The final mold will definitely have obvious problems such as obvious deformation or size consumption, so in the process of producing the mold, you also need to effectively reduce friction through various different design methods, and you must also make it higher. Abrasion resistance.
If you can produce and design according to such standards and characteristics when producing molds, then generally you can achieve better results, and in the future, you can ensure that the various molds you order can achieve this effect. To choose a large company like Xubang for ordering, after all, they have stricter production requirements.