What are the performance requirements of the two-color mode


Why is the price of two-color mold injection high? Two- […]

Why is the price of two-color mold injection high? Two-color molds are not only technically difficult in terms of processing and production technology, but also have strict requirements on quality. High-precision molds can inject high-quality products. In the manufacture of two-color molds, our company has been adhering to the concept of fineness, elaboration and precision, producing high-quality two-color molds and high-quality two-color injection products for customers. High-quality two-color mold performance requirements:
1. Toughness: The toughness of the two-color mold is mainly determined by the carbon content, grain size and microstructure of the material.
Second, fatigue fracture performance: The fatigue fracture performance of the two-color injection mold mainly depends on its strength, toughness, hardness, and the content of inclusions in the material.
Third, wear resistance: hardness is the main factor affecting wear resistance. In addition, abrasion resistance is also related to the type, quantity, form, size and distribution of carbides in the material.
4. High temperature performance: The two-color mold material should have high resistance to tempering to ensure that the mold has higher hardness and strength at the working temperature.
Fifth, cold and hot fatigue resistance: Cold and hot fatigue is one of the main forms of failure of hot working molds. Such precision molds should have high cold and hot fatigue resistance.
6. Corrosion resistance: Some two-color molds, such as plastic molds, at work, due to the presence of chlorine, fluorine and other elements in the plastic, will be separated into strong aggressive gases such as HCI and HF after heating, which will erode the surface of the mold cavity and increase its surface Roughness, exacerbated wear failure.