What are the mold design and manufacturing processes


If a manufacturer wants to ensure that all products are […]

If a manufacturer wants to ensure that all products are exactly the same when mass-producing various products, then it must use molds for production, so they also need to find some professional mold design and manufacturing manufacturers. In order to provide high-quality molds to their customers, these manufacturers will continue to introduce new design and manufacturing processes. For the current mold field, what are the design and manufacturing processes used? You are a practitioner in this industry, then you must have a deep understanding of this knowledge, let's take a look at the detailed content together!
First, casting
Most people should be familiar with the casting process, or to a certain extent, most people think that all molds are produced by casting. In fact, in the process of mold design and manufacturing, now This production and manufacturing process is no longer applicable, because it may cause poor thermal conductivity of the mold, so it will affect the production efficiency of the mold. The most important thing is that this casting method may also affect the steel. Strength and hardness.
Second, cutting
For those molds that must ensure a certain degree of excessive rounded corners, cutting can be used in the production process because it can effectively guarantee that there is a certain degree of radian at the corners. Of course, for this kind of In terms of technology, it also has certain defects. For example, during processing, it is likely that the stress concentration will occur due to the too small radius, which further damages the materials used, and may also It will cause the appearance of this mold to be too rough after processing, which is also an important aspect.
Third, grinding
This is a mold design and manufacturing process that is often used at present, because for this production process, it can effectively improve the quality and level of the mold. The most important thing is that some molds have higher requirements for precision, especially The requirements for the smoothness of the mold surface are also relatively strict. Therefore, in this case, in some cases with high requirements, this tool can be used to complete the mold design and manufacturing work. However, when applying this process, More measures are needed to avoid overheating or cracks.
Fourth, EDM
In fact, for most mold manufacturers, in the process of designing and manufacturing various molds, due to the high requirements on the accuracy of the mold, the EDM process seems to be more and more popular, after all, it is being controlled by numerical control. Technical control of EDM can achieve higher accuracy, and at the same time can ensure that the surface has a certain degree of smoothness. However, when applying this mold design and manufacturing process, it must also ensure that the operator has a certain level of technology, or that This process has certain requirements on the technical level.
The various mold design and manufacturing processes introduced above each have their own characteristics. It cannot be said which process is the best, but for different mold types, different production and manufacturing processes may require different In this aspect, Xubang has done a very good job, so all types of molds they produce can well meet customer needs.