What are the maintenance methods for the mold and the precautions in maintenance?


do you know? In fact, mold maintenance is more importan […]

do you know? In fact, mold maintenance is more important than mold maintenance. The more times the mold is repaired, the shorter the life is. The better the mold is maintained, the longer the service life will be.
The necessity of mold maintenance, first of all, to maintain the normal operation of the mold, reduce the unnecessary wear of the active parts in order to achieve the normal service life of the mold, and to reduce the oil pollution in production.
Mold maintenance classification includes daily maintenance of the mold, regular maintenance and appearance maintenance of the mold.
Mold maintenance includes daily maintenance, in which daily maintenance needs to pay attention to various moving parts such as thimble, row position, guide column, guide sleeve refueling, mold surface cleaning, water transporting the road; regular maintenance should pay special attention to the exhaust The cleaning of the trough, the trapping of the black spot plus the exhaust and damage, the correction of the wear site; the last one is the appearance maintenance. Pay attention to the outside of the mold blank to avoid rust. When dropping the mold, the cavity should be coated with anti-rust oil and should be closed tightly when stored to prevent dust from entering the mold CORE.
Finally, the mold maintenance precautions:
1, sports parts, daily maintenance must be refueling;
2, the mold surface must be clean: Do not stick the label paper on the P / L surface, the goods are not removed before the mold is still taken, the beer is still continued, the P / L position is serious
3, found abnormalities, such as the ejection of abnormalities, opening and closing mode sounds, etc. must be repaired in a timely manner;
It is worth mentioning that to do anything, safety issues must be placed in the first place, mold repair, maintenance is to deal with molds, equipment (steel), this issue must be highly valued.