Standardize the important role of mold design


Today, with the rapid development of molds, the prospec […]

Today, with the rapid development of molds, the prospect of China's mold manufacturing industry is not happy, mainly because mold manufacturers do not have enough understanding of mold manufacturing, and the application of new mold technology is not strong, and the standard design of molds in the mold manufacturing process. I still don't know enough. I still stay at the level of the old hand-made and experienced mold masters. I look at the mold manufacturing in foreign countries and put the standardized mold design in the most important position, followed by Equipment, management, and some Japanese corporate designers accounted for 75%, so that the processing people can concentrate on doing what he should do, from the design diagram to the construction according to the map, with the standard design to ensure the speed of mold processing, Quality, avoiding duplication of work, repeating the problem of re-repair, so there are too many successful examples. It depends on the domestic or all the mold companies that are relatively well-known or well-known, have attached considerable importance to the design, such as: Haier Well-known companies such as Hisense, Hisense, Changzhou Warwick, Shanghai Longzhou, and HP have all achieved this and are constantly improving their design strength. A friend said that Zhejiang's molds are developing very fast, and the equipment is also relatively advanced. It is also the quality of the molds. It is mainly in Yuyao, Huangyan, Taizhou, etc. Many manufacturers take the molds to these places to do They are all disappointed, but this situation is also improving. Many companies are aware of this. As a member of the mold industry, I am very happy to see such a situation.

In the design of plastic molds, for example, our company puts it in the core position, and now we briefly introduce some of our design processes:

   There are usually new products (samples, drawings, 3D files) and other forms, and some are only solutions, let our product development department develop new products for them.

   1. It is necessary to determine the feasibility of the product, and the design is reasonable, and the mold plan can be determined. The customer, the mold design and processing, the engineering department personnel will review the contract, discuss and pass the plan, and sign and confirm.

   2. Start the mold design (out of assembly drawing, 3D large division) to review and confirm the preparation.

   3. After reviewing and reviewing again, you can carry out fine segmentation and mold part design, take out the small picture, check the chart group verification, and issue the drawings after confirmation.

   The specification of the drawings is very important in the design process. It is best to arrange the processing table, schedule, processing table, follow-up checklist, etc. to ensure the reliability of the design.