Reasons for chromatic aberration caused by injection mold processing


The injection mold processing technology has become mor […]

The injection mold processing technology has become more and more popular in the plastic product production industry. After decades of development, the whole process has become mature, but many injection mold factories often have problems in the injection mold processing leading to final production. If the product is unqualified, what factors will generally affect the chromatic aberration?
Color difference problem in injection molding products
1 Raw material factors:
Including toner replacement, plastic material grade change, styling agent replacement.
2 Different types of raw materials:
Dongguan injection molding factory pointed out that if PP material and ABS material or PC material require the same color, but there are slight color differences due to different material types, but a limited range is allowed.
3 equipment process reasons:
The temperature, pressure and melting time during the injection molding process will also cause chromatic aberration problems. In addition, process factors such as different batches of mixing and different machine beer will also be affected.
4 Environmental factors: Dongguan injection mold manufacturers through years of experience, the general barrel is not clean, the drying hopper has dust, the mold has oil and so on.
5 Toner itself: Some toners are not warm, and the products are very susceptible to temperature changes.