Is it difficult to make two-color toy molds


In the process of making toy molds, every detail needs […]

In the process of making toy molds, every detail needs to be paid attention to. For the layman, all you see is the finished mold, you can buy it according to the actual needs. Only insiders know how many processes a toy mold has gone through, even if there is only a little error, it may affect the quality of the finished product. After all, toy molds are not ordinary and common products, not to mention the small size, but they have gone through many processes.


Before making toy molds, you need to check various parameters of the injection molding machine. Understand the model and parameters of the injection molding machine, which is convenient for later operation and use. For example, it is helpful to understand the maximum thickness of the mold, the minimum thickness of the mold, and the spacing between the holes of the top rod. Generally speaking, in the injection molding process, the size of the first finished mold should be slightly larger, it does not matter. When the second molding takes place, it will be pressed down, reducing the size and sealing.


If the toy mold uses a two-color mold process, you need to carefully select the location of the gate. If you want to avoid accidents as much as possible, you can use latent feeding, more conservative. During this casting process, the product and the flow channel will be automatically cut off to minimize the chance of waste or failure. If this method cannot be used, other methods can be considered. When using other casting methods, avoid waste as much as possible, and it is best to succeed at one time.


In the color selection process, you can choose according to the actual requirements of the toy mold. After all, today's mold making level is constantly improving. It can make different colors of the same plastic or different colors of different raw materials. It's just that the raw materials and colors used are different, and there are some differences in the production process. Especially when making two raw materials at the same time, you need to consider various parameters of the manufacturing process and shrinkage, etc., think carefully before you start, don't blindly.

Normally, when making two-color toy molds, shrinkage must be considered. The shrinkage rate is closely related to the material used. If the material itself can support the overall outline during the first production, there will not be too much shrinkage during the second production. As for how to judge whether the production material can support the outline, it is necessary to consider factors such as the fluidity of the raw material, which is a bit complicated.


In general, the production process of two-color toy molds is extremely complicated, and it takes a long time to express it in words. In addition, the production technology is not difficult, and the cost is expensive for a reason. Of course, its price is more expensive, the scope of application is not too wide, you need to think twice before buying. Even so, there are still many users who will choose a two-color mold. After all, its color is not so monotonous, beautiful and generous, and has great use value.


Some users are discouraged when they see the expensive price. I do n’t know why the two-color toy mold is so expensive? Knowing the difficulty of its production, is there an answer? It is necessary to process two kinds of raw materials to overcome a technical difficulty to make it have a brighter color, and the face value and use value are very high. In addition to the face value, it also has good strength and other properties. Is it difficult to understand how expensive it is to sell?