How to reduce the cost of plastic mold processing


Reducing the cost of plastic mold processing can effect […]

Reducing the cost of plastic mold processing can effectively improve the economic benefits of plastic mold factory production, and benefit the competitiveness of plastic mold factory and product market. If the plastic mold factory can reduce all kinds of unnecessary waste, so as to achieve reasonable storage, use of materials, reduce costs, improve efficiency, this not only ensures the reasonable need for production, but also reduces the waste of capital. So, what is the way to reduce the cost of plastic mold processing?
1. Strengthen management and management, that is to say, there must be more orders, production tasks should be full, and production scales;
2, improve labor productivity, the use of standard formwork under conditions of conditions; another way is to improve the design level, try to shorten the test mode adjustment time;
3. The more complicated the structure of the plastic mold, the more the function of the mold, the higher the degree of automation of the production using the mold, and the higher the production cost of the mold;
4. The accuracy and rigidity of the plastic mold should be compatible with the requirements of the objective product parts and the requirements of the production program. The higher the precision and rigidity requirements of the mold, the higher the mold production cost;
5. The material cost accounts for 25%-30% of the production cost of plastic molds. Therefore, the plastic mold materials should be correctly selected, and the plastic mold materials used should be coordinated with the plastic mold life requirements. At the same time, various measures should be taken. Give full play to the effectiveness of the materials;
6. Improving the quality of plastic molds is an important issue. These are important factors that limit the cost and production cycle of plastic molds.
In the final analysis, we are still looking for a professional plastic mold processing factory, which uses good mold steel materials and carries out standard heat treatment. The molds produced can survive at one time, without repeated tossing, can reduce the cost of plastic mold processing, and the mold Also durable.