How to make the mold better


Since the use of molds for mass production of various p […]

Since the use of molds for mass production of various products can effectively improve production efficiency, the most important thing is that all products have no difference in size and shape. Only such products can be received by consumers and consumers after entering the market. The customer's approval, so the application of the mold is very important, but you don't necessarily need to consider how much value the mold can create for you in the production process. At the same time, you must also understand some important issues about manufacturing molds, then For a production tool such as a mold, how should the manufacturing effect be better?


First, design first


I believe many people should be able to know that for a variety of real estate development projects, the entire building needs to be planned before formal development, and then the architectural design and engineering design of each building must be completed. After the design, construction can be carried out according to the design drawings. This can ensure that the construction can be carried out in an orderly manner, and at the same time can ensure the quality of construction and the safety of the building. In the process of manufacturing the mold, it is also necessary to refer to the engineering construction steps. Be sure to find a designer first for a comprehensive design of the mold. At this time, of course, you need to comprehensively consider your specific needs. Only after you have completed a good design can you start production and manufacturing.


Second, do n’t start mass production at the beginning


There are some mold manufacturers in the process of manufacturing various molds. In order to save time, they will probably start mass production when the customer places an order. But do you know that although a comprehensive Demand analysis, but the theory and practice are still different, so in this case, it is likely that the good plan you designed cannot be applied to the actual production process, so when manufacturing the mold, you must first The original design scheme produced some samples, and then tried to produce them based on these samples to see if they could produce products that satisfy consumers. If possible, mass production can be done at this time.


Third, we must learn to keep our minds


If, after producing some samples, after trial production, it is found that such a mold cannot meet the needs of production, then at this time, do not only consider the method of modifying the original design scheme, because some schemes are likely to be fundamental It is wrong, so that when the mold is manufactured, there is no way to produce a mold that satisfies the customer. Therefore, at this time, we must learn the idea of ​​unbreakable, and even need to overturn the original design solution, although this will cause some of the previous ones. Efforts are wasted, so that we can effectively avoid the waste of various materials and more manpower and material resources, so you must seriously establish this kind of thinking.


After you understand the above content, you should be able to know how to do it in the process of making molds. For many excellent manufacturers, such as Xubang, a professional mold manufacturer, they generally follow this method. Design and manufacture molds, because such methods are indeed more scientific.