How to maintain the injection mold


It is not a simple matter to develop an injection mold. […]

It is not a simple matter to develop an injection mold. In addition to paying a lot of processing costs and investing a lot of time to communicate, the maintenance of the injection mold is particularly important. The quality of injection mold maintenance directly affects the service life of the mold. Since the mold occupies a large proportion in the production cost of the injection molding enterprise, the longer the life of the injection mold, the more favorable the cost of reducing the injection molding product for the enterprise. The daily maintenance technicians responsible for mold maintenance must work cautiously and carefully, and ensure the best condition of the mold. It has been effective and economical in production, and the manufacturing cost is reduced as much as possible.
Importance of injection mold maintenance
If the maintenance of the injection mold is not taken seriously, the quality of the injection mold will be lowered in advance, and various quality problems such as rust and surface finish may occur in the injection mold. The decline in the quality of injection molds will also reduce the quality of injection molded products, increase the rate of scrap, and even fail to produce qualified products. At that time, if you re-invest a large amount of money and set up a new model, it will cause great waste.
How to maintain and maintain the injection mold?
First of all, the maintenance instructions: When the injection mold maintenance, you need to check the parts according to the drawings. Even if there is no special instruction, it should be inspected at the time of storage; the size of the mold parts that do not meet the requirements of the drawings can not be modified, and the inserts or gaskets cannot be used for additional insertion; etc.; mold maintenance after the production order is completed It must refer to the problem points provided by the production department, the production department records and the final product; in the mold maintenance, if major problems are found, immediately report to the supervisor and wait for instructions.
Secondly, the specific requirements for the maintenance of injection molds: when replacing the mold parts, confirm the quality of the parts to be replaced; the parts should be tapped and slowly pressed for assembly and assembly; when assembling the mold inserts, confirm the fit clearance; avoid the surface of the parts No curling, scratching, pitting, dross, defect, rust, etc.; if parts are replaced, communicate with the mold design department in time and confirm, when disassembling the mold, pay attention to keep the balance of each part; if necessary, replace Parts must be replaced in time.
Finally, the daily maintenance of the injection mold must be carried out with care and care to ensure that the mold is always in the best condition.