How to clean the mould and what is the most suitable way? Laser cleaning


Laser cleaning die is to use the characteristics of hig […]

Laser cleaning die is to use the characteristics of high brightness and small divergence angle of laser to collect enough power laser beams and irradiate them to appropriate parts. The material absorbs light energy, converts light energy into heat energy, and produces a series of physical and chemical processes, thus removing surface contamination.

Laser cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of moulds, tire moulds, rubber moulds, injection moulds, glass bottle moulds and so on.

Laser cleaning technology refers to a high-speed and effective removal of surface attachments or coatings by laser beam. Its working principle is mainly based on the absorption of laser energy by pollutants on the surface of the object, or vaporization and volatilization, or instantaneous thermal expansion and steam driven off the surface of the object.

From the research status abroad, we can see that laser cleaning has a very wide range of decontamination, from thick rust layer to polished surface fine particles can be removed, involving the protection of machinery industry, microelectronics industry and works of art. Laser cleaning technology is also widely used in mould cleaning. In China, the technology of laser cleaning machine has developed rapidly in recent years. We have made some progress in the research of technological parameters and cleaning mechanism, cleaning objects and applications of laser cleaning.